Tornado GR4 Mug

The GR4 variant of the Tornado is currently in service with the RAF and serves as a Tornado for the 21st century being a fully upgraded GR1 aircraft. It role is to carry out medium level operations delivering the latest Paveway laser guided bombs as well as Storm Shadow cruise missiles and Brimstone anti-tank mssiles.

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Tornado GR4 aircraft mug design.

Mug height 92mm (3.6")   Mug diameter 83mm (3.2")
Black satin finish only.

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This mug has been tested to withstand up to 50 dishwasher cycles (50 degees C recommended). To prolong and maximise the life of the design we recommend hand washing with a non-abrasive sponge or cloth.

This design is also available on a T-Shirt here.